Allserve design, install, service and maintain air conditioning and ventilation systems in accordance with the specific requirements of our customers and in accordance with the NZ building code.

Brands we recommend include: Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Daikin and Gree.

Products for Commercial Application

We have a wide range of products specified for Commercial use and premises. We offer a personal consultation on your requirements,  followed by a detailed plan of supply, installation and maintenance of all systems.

We have extensive experience providing expert insight and hands-on experience for commercial buildings; including offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants & bars, retails premises, warehouses, food preparation areas and factories.

Products for Residential Application

We welcome the opportunity to provide a professional consultation and a FREE QUOTE for all of your residential air conditioning, heating and ventilation requirements. Our focus here at Allserve is on the supply and installation of the RIGHT system for your home, to ensure optimum comfort and cost-effectiveness. There are multiple factors to consider when recommending the right system, some of which include the age and size of the home, your location, and in which direction your home faces.

Our expert Allserve team has been working with housing companies over the long term, and work has included the installation of heat pumps as upgrades for a healthier home, and for brand new homes, where we’re happy to work in with other companies for a seamless build.

We have experience installing systems for historic homes, which has involved careful planning to integrate new heating and ducting systems in a subtle way that does not conflict with a classic and enduring style. Whether your home is cottage, contemporary, Mediterranean, architectural, colonial or bohemian, we can provide a free quote and excellent advice for the right system to match your home and style.

Contact us today to discuss your home heating and ventilation requirements.