Maintenance and Service

Allserve design, install, service and maintain the following types of air conditioning and ventilation systems in accordance with the specific requirements of our customers and in accordance with the NZ building code.

Two workers study a large-scale ducting system

Planned Maintenance for Commercial

We have many years of combined experience in the fields of service and maintenance. Our experience includes the servicing of high-rise office buildings, industrial factories, auditoriums, shopping malls, office spaces and much more. This experience includes an up-to-date knowledge of building management systems and control systems, which are necessary in being able to advice on the correct maintenance for each system and it’s unique application/location, relevant to industry.

Allserve will provide a planned maintenance specification tailored to suit the plant, equipment and specific site conditions. Regular servicing is imperative in ensuring the ongoing reliability, efficient running and life cycle management of your asset.

If we have not installed your commercial heating or ventilation systems we can still provide planned maintenance. First we would undertake a full audit of the site, and work with you to finalise a plan for scheduling regular visits to provide necessary system maintenance.

Allserve is IQP registered company enabling us to provide IQP certification for annual BWOF in accordance with Section 44 of the building act 1991.

Contact us for all of your building maintenance and checks, including provision of essential records and documentation for inspections, maintenance and repairs. Documentation, along with maintenance service and checks, including 12A Forms, will be required towards taking all necessary steps to be in compliance with Council regulations for BWOF (building warrant of fitness).

Planned Maintenance for Residential

Our residential customers are provided with full instruction on controlling and maintaining the systems that we install, and they know they can contact us anytime for any issue or query regarding their install.

In the case of Heat Pumps, it is very straightforward for a home owner to service their own system through the cleaning / replacement of filters, which is all that should be required with a standard heat pump system.

Some systems that we install in residential premises may require a maintenance plan, for example ducted systems or sound cassette systems that are difficult to access. Any system that we install that would benefit from a maintenance plan, we will discuss your options for you, and arrange for regular maintenance inspections and servicing as required.

We have many years providing all aspects of heating, cooling and ventilation systems to provide the right advice for your system maintenance, applicable to a wide range of residences; including large residential houses, historical buildings, apartments, architectural homes and iconic kiwi batches.

Contact us today to discuss a maintenance plan to maintain the health of your home through the care of your ventilation systems.